Skin being the largest organ in our body is something we often tend to ignore, But with the recent increase in air pollutants around us, we should rather pay more attention towards taking care of our skin. So what do we really refer to as good skin, is it just fair skin or blemish-free skin, I would like to disagree on this and insist that, Good Beautiful skin is skin with a glow which shines not just from outside, but is often a result of glowing from within too.

Now, I would like to introduce you to one of the oldest secrets in getting glowing skin, (which personally for me is good sleep) Jokes apart, it would be Mulberry root extract. Mulberry (Morus Alba), a berry predominantly grown in Asia and also cultivated in Japan, Australia and Europe.

This Berry is a multi-faceted fruit, also known as a power fruit for its various benefits.To bring back our focus on the largest organ in the body, this berry is anti-oxidant rich and helps to even the skin tone, unclog pores, reduces pigmentation spots and also helps to hydrate the skin.

Unlike other products, the extract of this berry can be used even on sensitive skin to help rejuvenate it.Along with this,Mulberry root extract also acts as effective Anti-aging agents , and helps to reduce fine line and wrinkles.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all True Elegance” – Coco Chanel

Mulberry extract is the secret to long lasting soft and radiant skin, which we referred to earlier as Beautiful skin. Imagine having these benefits in a product, with having Mulberry extract along with other botanically extracted ingredients such as Coconut oil extract and Koji extract. Wouldn’t that be just perfect. Keeping these multiple benefits in mind, DeBelle is a brand which has formulated a product which is up for grabs, and caters to all your problems mentioned above, and also gives you UV Protection. This unisex product is your one stop solution to Beautiful Skin. Try DeBelle Fairness Cream, the fairness solution with a natural twist.

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DeBelle Fairness cream

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