The use of seaweed is dated back to almost 4000 years, used by Irish and Scottish coastal dwellers.

Seas are a house to many mysterious creatures and species of the earth, some of them which are yet to be discovered! Seaweed is the common name for all the countless species of marine plants present deep down in the seas. The popular types of seaweeds are kelp, nori and wakame. They are packed with high amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutritious things. debelle-seaweedMost of the seaweeds are non-poisonous, hence, they are safe for consumption. You can either use seaweed based products directly or take them as supplements to get the most out of them.


Did you know

Seaweed extracts are as good for nails as they are for our health! They have a form of Vitamin B called “Biotin” which strengthens the nails and encourages their growth. Besides that, they also harden them and protect them from chipping or breaking easily.

Using a nail polish that contains Seaweed extracts instead of using a regular one makes a lot of difference. If you are fond of wearing nail polishes all the time, you must have noticed how they make your nails look yellow once you remove them.

Have you ever wondered what causes your nails to turn yellow? Well, it’s all due to those harsh chemicals in the nail polishes which you use! Majority of them are formulated with toxic chemicals that can weaken your nails and stain them badly. Royale Cocktail - DeBelleNail polishes that contain seaweed extracts help your nails to breathe and prevent yellowing of the nails. Moreover, they also keep your nails nourished, hydrated and healthy.

” Seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake ” – Sebastian

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for cosmetic products that are natural. Everyone want to use products that contain natural properties of exclusive naturally derived ingredients. The whole facet of makeup and beauty is changing. So why torture your nails with harsh chemicals when you can use DeBelle’s Nail Lacquers instead? Our Gel Nail Lacquers are enriched with the all the goodness and nutrients of natural seaweed extracts. They are gel polishes which do not require UV light, and give the shine and feel of a true gel polish. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer also has unique natural formula, which stays for long on your nails with a lasting shine and prevents chipping. Therefore, they not only enhance the beauty of your nails, but also protect and condition them well!