Nail biting is a very common habit that usually starts during childhood. As stated by psychologists – stress, anxiety and boredom are the three main reasons behind the nail biting habit. Estimates suggest that around 25% of young adults bite their nails. If you are one of them, then don’t worry – we are sharing 6 tips that will keep you from chomping on your nails!

1. Paint Your Nails

Your nails would look so fabulous that you won’t feel like biting them and ruining the manicure. Moreover, nail lacquers taste chemical-ish and that will also prevent you from nibbling on them.

We would recommend you to apply a nail lacquer that’s of red colour, something like our DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer French Affair. It’s a very bold colour so whenever your nails will be close to your face, your brain will take a mental note to stop and push back the urge to bite nails.

2.Clip Your Nails Short 

When you will keep your nails relatively short, you won’t have anything to bite on and thus – your nail biting habit will vanish away!


3.Don’t Let Your Hands Be Inactive

You are most likely to “unconsciously” start biting on your nails when your hands are idle. Use a coin or a rubber band so that they stay busy while you are watching T.V or doing any other such activity where you have to sit with idle hands. You can play with a stress ball if you bite your nails due to anxiety!


4.Put On Gloves

Gloves will block you from having a direct access to your nails. Your brain will eventually forget about your habit since there will be a constant barrier between your hand and your mouth. Wearing gloves all the time may not seem that convenient, but this effective remedy can definitely work for you!

5.Chew Gums Instead

Do you bite your nails because you like to keep your mouth busy? Then try chewing gum instead! While you would chew a piece of gum, your concentration will be diverted from your nails as your mouth will already be busy!

6.Ask Your Friends Or Family Members To Help You

If no other remedy is working for you then ask your friends, family or roommate to help you to get rid of this habit! Just tell them to stop you whenever they catch you with your nails in your mouth. Getting told about it repeatedly may annoy you in the beginning, but that’s what will help you to stop nail biting.

People say it takes only 21 days to make or break a habit. So just be committed to kick this habit of yours and you will slowly see the results!