Beards have been in trend from a long time and they always will be. Growing a heavy beard these days is considered as a fashion statement for men. Most men are not aware of the fact that a nicely groomed beard not just makes them look attractive – but it also possesses various benefits for their skin. Here are some of the skin benefits of a beard that will definitely make all you men think twice – the next time you reach for your razor!

Beard Keeps Your Skin Moisturized

With the help of sebaceous glands present in our body, our skin produces a natural oil called sebum. This oil keeps the surface of the skin moisturized naturally. Beard retains the moisture from sebum to keep the whole facial area moisturized and hydrated. If you still face any dryness issues on your beard area, you can use Jojoba oil on it.

Protects Your Skin From UV Rays

A study conducted at University of Southern Queensland, Australia, proves that a beard provides an estimated 90 to 95% of protection against harmful UVs. Dr. De Fiori, A dermatologist from Melbourne, told Medical Daily, “A beard protects against skin cancer by blocking and absorbing UV light in the same manner as a physical sunscreen ingredient (i.e., zinc oxide or titanium dioxide).” However, in order to ensure that their skin is totally protected, using a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20 is a must for men even if they have a long beard!

Debelle Fairness Cream is a light weighted moisturizer that comes pre-infused with UV Protection so you don’t require to invest in a moisturizer and sunscreen separately!

Saves You From Facing Shaving Related Issues

Shaving comes with its own pros and cons. To be honest – it usually has more cons than pros! Shaving can cause various types of skin related problems like nicks, cuts, and even ingrown hair which are extremely painful! Shaving also increases the chances of acne breakouts as it irritates the follicles – causing blockages of facial pores.

Most of the men with beard avoid shaving and opt for trimming to keep their beard in a good shape.

Lessens The Signs Of Aging

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UVA and UVB radiations thwarted by the sun are the culprits behind premature / early signs of aging. Since the beard protects the skin from getting directly exposed to such radiations, it lessens the signs of aging as well as delays it – making you look forever young! Moreover that, a beard is also said to prevent skin cancer.

Reduces The Chances Of Bacterial Infections

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Beards act like an extra layer of protection from bacterial infections and acne. Though, you have to always make sure to clean your beard while showering so that no infection or acne causing bacteria is trapped in it!