Nail Polish enhances the beauty of your hands. A woman may or may not be a makeup lover, but there is hardly any woman in this world who doesn’t like painting her nails! Nowadays, there are various nail polish shades that are in trends. From light, pastel shades to bright reds and dark maroons, you will find all kinds of beautiful nail polish shades available in the market!

Choosing that perfect nail polish shade is a dilemma for every woman. Of course, you are free to experiment with whatever shades you like. But when you wear a nail polish shade that compliments your skin tone, it certainly adds to your beauty! Here is a very simple guide that will help you to choose the right nail polish shade for yourself by keeping your skin tone in mind!

Fair Skin Tone 

Pastel nail polish shades look the best on women with fair skin tone! For everyday wear, fair skinned beauties can choose pinkish nude/pastel shades. Don’t go for light beige shades as they will blend in with your skin tone and look nonexistent! You may try the shade “Bebe Kiss” from our Gel Nail Lacquer collection which includes 9 other  beautiful nail lacquers of different shades that give you the maximum amount of opaqueness in a single swipe and last really long!

For special occasions, go for the shade “French Affair” which is a classic, bright scarlet red shade that speaks boldness! Since it is summer time, you may also try some other colorful shades like “Mystique Green” and “Mint Blue”.

Medium Skin Tone

Women with medium skin tone – something like that of actress Deepika Padukone, can wear most of the nail polish shades out there effortlessly! Mauve shades (“Majestique Mauve” from our collection, for example!) look gorgeous on medium skin tones. Pinkish shades that have pearlscent finish are also a great option. Do check out the shade “Miss Bliss” from DeBelle. It is a pretty pink shade with subtle shimmers that give it a unique pearlscent effect!

Black and other dark shades like navy blue may not look that flattering on medium complexion, so try to avoid those!


Dusky-Deep Skin Tone

Nail Polish Shade According Skin Tone

Beauties with dusky to deep skin tone can carry off darker shades, like our maroon shade  “Moulin Rouge” very well. Another great shade that looks amazing on such skin tones, especially during summers – is turquoise blue. But don’t choose a shade that is too light because it will give a washed out appearance.

We hope that this guide comes helpful to you the next time while you are shopping for nail polish! We would again tell you to be experimental and have fun with different nail polish shades. There are absolutely no rules in fashion. If you like a certain nail polish shade, then don’t hesitate to flaunt it! Make sure to choose only the best nail polish formula which would not cause any damage to your nails.

Debelle Gel Lacquers are formulated with natural seaweed extracts that allow your nails to breath and promote their growth. The collection includes these Nine shades – French Affair (Scarlet Red)Royale Cocktail (Turquoise Blue), Bebe Kiss (Baby Pink)Mystique Green (Pastel Green)Moulin Rouge (Maroon)Miss Bliss (Pink)Princess Belle (Coral Orange)Majestique Mauve (Mauve), Mint Amour (Mint Blue).