Nails are not just an aesthetic feature of your body, but nails can say a lot about your health ! When the nails start to grow in a different shape or even change their colour, it usually is a sign that something might be wrong with your health. American Academy of Dermatology agrees to this, according to their study – “Nails often reflect our general state of health. Changes in the nail, such as discoloration or thickening, can signal health problems including heart and lung conditions, anaemia, and diabetes.” Know what your nails speak of your health through this post.

Know what your nails speak of your health

Dry And Brittle Nails

Your nails can become dry and brittle owing to your lifestyle habits. Long term exposure to chemicals or water, poor diet, using acetone excessively, etc, are common causes to this change.

Solution for Dry And Brittle Nails – Protect your hands with gloves while doing household chores and use jojoba oil to nourish the nails. Check out our article How To Strengthen Your Nails At Home to know about more solutions that will help you to treat dry and brittle nails.

Yellow Nails

Usage of nail polishes that contain harsh chemicals may be the reason behind yellow nails. The presence of toxic chemicals present in nail polishes, suffocate the nails and deprive them of oxygen. They may also leave a stain on the nails which doesn’t come off that easily. Also, people who are avid smokers can get a permanent brownish-yellow stain on their nails due to the smoke of cigarette.

Solution for Yellow Nails – Toss all those harmful polishes loaded with chemicals and use our Gel Nail Lacquers formulated with natural seaweed extracts. If you think that the yellow tint on your nails is due to smoking, then you should consider quitting it!

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White Spots On Nails

Small white spots that show up on the nails are usually a result of trauma on the nail bed. They appear when the nail gets lifted from the surface of the skin beneath it (known as nail bed). This usually occurs post excessive pressure or just any kind of trauma on the nail.

Solution for White Spots On Nails – Practically, there is no solution for white spots on nails as they fade away or grow out on their own. You just need to be cautious regarding them and try not to put excess pressure on the nails! In case the white spots don’t go away eventually, you might consider getting medical help because it can be a fungal nail infection (known as Onychomycosis).

Pitted Nails

Pitted nails i.e. nails with multiple pits or dents are common in people with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

Solution for Pitted Nails :

If you are yet to be diagnosed with any such skin condition, then you should consider visiting a doctor.

Blue Nails

Lack of oxygen in the blood makes the nails turn blue. Lungs and heart related diseases like Asthma, Congestive heart failure, hole in the heart, etc, also play their part in turning the nails blue as an indication. On the other hand, people who reside in colder regions may get blue nails often. This is mainly due to the climate and not due to any serious health concern.

Solution for Blue Nails

Get checked by a doctor if you are having any respiratory problems along with the blue nails issue. Wear warm gloves if it’s because of the cold climate.

Black / Green Nails

Dark black lines or spotting on the nails should never be ignored because they are a sign of melanoma . This is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancers out there. Furthermore, black or green lines and spotting on the nails may also be due to nail fungal infection (onychomycosis). You can detect the nail fungal infection by closely observing the appearance of your nails. Usually, when onychomycosis is present on the nails, they become dull, brittle and distorted in shape along with dis-coloration.

Solution for Black / Green Nails – If you have black / green tinge on your nails that stays for long, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

With regard to onychomycosis, it too requires to be treated by a doctor. Such type of infection can easily be prevented by discontinuing the use of cheap brands’ nail polishes which are toxic.  It can also be avoided by minimising the daily water exposure. Besides that, you should avoid wearing closed pair of shoes and socks for longer periods during summers. Since this traps the sweat on your feet which then causes onychomycosis on toe nails.

“Anything that doesn’t look normal ought to be addressed. Your best course of action is to see a doctor as soon as possible”,says Dermatologist Christine Poblete-Lopez. Following her advice, visiting a doctor should be your first priority if you notice change in the appearance of the nail as it maybe linked to your health.

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