“Colours are the smiles of nature.” – Leigh Hunt

Gerry Holford, a New York City based manicurist says that an individual’s attraction towards a particular nail polish colour can give out an indication about their personality traits. Many psychologists agree to this. In fact, there is a separate field of study in psychology which is called “Colour Psychology”. According to it, colours can be a determinant of human behaviour and personality. No matter what kind of person you are, there will always be that one colour which will resonate with your personality more than the others. Read this post below to find out what your choice of colours speaks about your personality!


The colour pink is always referred as a feminine colour. It signifies that you are a girly-girl and you have a sweet side in your personality.  Hence, In colour psychology, pink is a sign of kindness and hope. Compassionate, Generous and Kind hearted are the traits that go well the pink colour lovers.



Women who go “green” with their nail polish colours are affectionate and caring towards others. While it is the colour of the nature and symbolizes harmony and peace, it also gives a refreshing thought process. If your favourite colour is green, then it means that you are a down-to-earth person who admires nature.

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Red is a timeless colour and wearing a red nail polish represents that you are a classy woman, who is not afraid to stand out of the crowd. Furthermore, You have a bold, volatile and fiery side in you. Also, having an inclination towards red tells, that you carry a powerful, positive energy with you everywhere you go.



Dreamy, tranquil and calm – the three words that perfectly describe the personality of a woman who loves to paint her nails in blue. Moreover, people who seek sincere relationships get attracted towards this colour.


Maroon colour is a darker shade of red with a tinge of Brown. This shades gives off a sophisticated vibe. Women who love maroon nail polish shades have conscientiousness as their personality trait. In addition, It is  also associated with power and determination.


Those who like to carry off coral or orange coloured nail polish have an optimistic, energetic, cheerful, spontaneous and happy-go-lucky personality. Coral and orange colour lovers are usually extroverted and fun loving people!


Mauve colour conveys royalty and nobility. It is often associated with wealth and intelligence. Mauve shades can also be used as a nice everyday color for office wear. Also, The subtle undertone of this shade, gives out a feeling of a soothing personality.


Bright Yellow

Yellow is a colour that instantly evokes energy and happiness. Therefore, Women who like to wear bright yellow polish on their nails exude positive vibes. Being the first shade human eye notices, This color signs to an intelligent & confident personality, who likes attention.


Pastel Light Purple

Purple is that one colour which suits well on every skin tone. A soft, pastel shade of purple screams femininity.  Woman who wear this shade on their nails are therefore confident and  individualistic.  This subtle shade is sported by the artsy and those not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, It is also associated with wealth and prosperity.

Teal Green

Teal colour has a refreshing and calming feel to it. Wearing this subtle colour on the nails can mean that you are a woman of calm nature. People who like this colour have an inclination towards inner healing and have a creative personality. In addition, They are people who have an independent thought process and are good at decision making.



Glitter nail polish is very much in trend these days. It is definitely not for the faint hearted! Glitter nail polish is loved by women who are bold and courageous.  Therefore it is linked mostly to glamour ,sophistication and trendsetters.  People who like glitter shades are mostly free spirited  and like to let loose on some occasions to add some bling in their life too.



Nude nail polish shade is for those perfectionist women who hustle and succeed in their field of profession. While it looks extremely chic and classy for everyday wear, it also depicts true elegance. Woman who like nude/Beige shades are non fussy and do not like to gain attention on themselves. They are confident, strong woman who like to follow traditions and disciplines.


Peach colour looks as sweet as the fruit it is named after. Women who are fond of this colour are of tender and nurturing nature. In addition, this soothing joyful shade is usually like by those who like to travel and explore. They are also sporty individual who are fun loving, with clear thoughts and have positive vibes.