Can there be a connection between your zodiac sign and the colour of nail polish that you should wear on your nails? In our earlier post, we mentioned how your personality traits can match with the colours you love to paint your nails with. The psychology behind your personality traits matching with your favourite colour is called colour psychology and it is a little-known field of study. On the contrary, astrologers from around the world prefer to associate colours with zodiac signs. According to them, if a person sports a colour that corresponds to their zodiac sign, it leaves a positive impact on their mood. This belief, in astrological sciences, is known as colours horoscope or colours astrology.

As per Pt. Mishra from AstroCamp, “Each planet has its own colour that affects the mentality of everyone with great intensity. Each zodiac sign is ruled by a different planet which means that all the zodiac signs have different favourable and unfavourablecolours.”

If you are interested in knowing about what would be the lucky nail polish colours for your nails according to your Zodiac Sign, then keep on reading this post.

Aries (March – 21 to April -19)

People born under the Zodiac Sign – Aries, are adventurous, confident and astute. They are skilful in analyzing situations and responding to them quickly as well as effectively.

Lucky nail polish colours for Aries – Red, Coral and Pink.

Taurus (April – 20 to May – 20)

Taurus people are highly reliable, soft-hearted and loving.

Lucky nail polish colours for Taurus – Mauve, Green and Teal.

Gemini (May – 21 to June – 21)

Geminis are abundantly communicative and witty. Their intellectual level is impeccable.

Lucky nail polish colours for Gemini – Peach, Yellow and Mint Blue.

Cancer (June – 22 to July – 22)

Cancer-borns are protective in nature. They do everything with lots of hard work and passion. They love to daydream and often are fans of fairy tales!

Lucky nail polish colours for Cancer – Light Purple and Yellow.

Leo (July – 23 to August – 22)

Leo folks are highly creative individuals and are very generous towards others.

Lucky nail polish colours for Leo – Gold, Purple and Coral.

Virgo (August – 23 to September – 22)

Virgos are straight up perfectionists. Astrologers define Virgos as fussy and over thinkers, but they are also considered practical and analytical.

Lucky nail polish colours for Virgo – Green and Lavender.

Libra (September – 23 to October – 22)

Librans have an easy going and peaceful nature. They have a charming and captivating smile which attracts others.

Lucky nail polish colours for Libra – Pink and Light Blue.

Scorpio (October – 23 to November – 21)

Scorpions have a strong determination in life. They possess powerful and obsessive personality traits which make them reach their goals successfully.

Lucky nail Polish colours for Scorpio – Red, Blue and Green.

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Sagittarius (November – 22 to December – 21)

A Sagittarius personality is jovial, friendly and fun-loving. Saggitarians make the best friends ever due to their affectionate character.

Lucky nail polish colours for Sagittarius – Light Blue, Peach and Mauve.

Capricorn (December – 22 to January – 19)

Patient, reserved and disciplined is how you can best describe a Capricorn. Capricorns’ good organizational skills and strong work ethics are always appreciated by people


Lucky nail polish colours for Capricorn – Green, Nude and Mauve.

Aquarius (January – 20 to February – 18)

Aquarians are known to be the humanitarians of the zodiacs. They desire to make this world a better place.

Lucky nail polish colours for Aquarius – Silver, Purple and Light Blue

Pisces (February – 19 to March – 20)

Pisces-borns are highly emotional, sensitive but at the same time, selfless. They give love and respect to others, without expecting anything back from them.

Lucky nail polish colours for Pisces – Green and Blue



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