Online shopping has become all the rage in a past few years. Nowadays, most of the people prefer online shopping over in-store shopping as it is more convenient. From electronics to fashion apparels and cosmetics, everything can be bought online at discounted prices which you would rarely find in offline stores. Buying nail polish online is very exciting because it gives us endless shade options to choose from! Here are some tips that would come in handy when you are shopping for nail polish online.

Choose The Online Shopping Website

There are tons of online shopping websites out there, but not all of them are reliable. Amazon and Flipkart are considered predominantly trustworthy in India. You can buy nail polish online with free shipping in India through both of these websites.

Browse The Nail Polish Shade You Want

If you have already decided the nail polish shade that you want to purchase online, then just search for it on the E-Retailer’s website. And don’t worry if you have not decided it yet, just keep browsing through the nail polish section and you will surely find a shade that will catch your eyes! Glitter nail polish online in India can also be found.

Check If The Nail Polish Comes With Any Benefits

Plenty of nail polishes are loaded with chemicals and they carry no benefits for your nails’ health at all. As our brand promotes the usage of nature derived ingredients in Debelle products, we have invigorated our Gel Nail Lacquers with enriching Seaweed Extracts that keep your nails hydrated and allow them to breathe properly. Nail Polish Shade According Skin ToneThey are available in total x shades and can be purchased from leading online shopping portals in India like Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle, SnapDeal and Aplava.

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Look For Swatches Online

Bloggers and nail polish lovers post swatches of their favourite nail polishes on their blogs and social media handles so that others can see how the nail polish shade actually looks like once it is applied on the nails. You can make a better shade choice once you have seen the nail polish swatches online. We regularly post the swatches of Debelle Gel Nail Lacquers’ and many other exciting updates on our Instagram handle, make sure to follow us over there.

Try It On Your Nails – Virtually!

When we buy a nail polish offline, we generally try out the colour on our nails before we buy it. So is there any possibility of virtually trying out the colour? The answer is yes! This app called “YouCam Nails” lets you try on nail polish colours virtually. All you need to do is upload your hand’s picture on the app (or use a model’s picture that is available within the app), select the area of your nails and choose the colours you want to try out! There are tons of colours and nail art designs on the app for you to experiment with.Colors Speaks About Your Personality This will give you an idea of how a certain colour will look on your nails.

Nail polish swatches usually look different on different skin tones, but with the help of this app, you can see whether a nail polish color will match your skin tone or not. We also have a helpful guide that will help you to choose the right nail polish shade according to your skin tone.

Buy Them In Combos 

Nail Polish Shade According Skin ToneYou can avail great discounts on nail polishes if you buy them in a combo of two or more! Go ahead and buy the combos because two are always better than one.

Look Before You Pay!

There are many fraudulent online shopping websites out there who steal your credit/debit card information. You can avoid getting phished by such websites if you check its security at the payment stage. You may do so by checking the starting of the URL, it should always start with “https://” and not “http://” when you are on the payment page. Besides that, there should be no ads or popups on the website. Our website is currently getting revamped for safer and easier transactions so you can order Debelle products right from our website!

Place Your Order And Wait For Your Nail Polish To Arrive!

Life is too short for boring nails! So buy and flaunt your favourite nail polish colour when you are still alive. Buy cheap nail polish online for low price and save money.