Cocoa Butter is a type of edible cacao fat extracted from cocoa beans. It is widely used in chocolates, cosmetics, ointments and toiletries. In some parts of the world, cocoa butter is known as theobroma oil. This ivory coloured butter bears a lovely fragrance and taste, but the fact which most of us are not aware of is that it is a treat for our skin. The reason why it is used in loads of skin care products these days is because it naturally heals tons of skin related problems. We have charted out some of the top benefits of cocoa butter below.

1. It Is The Best Moisturizing And Hydrating Food For The Skin

Cocoa butter is a great skin moisturizer. It has high amounts of fatty acids that moisturize and hydrate the skin by penetrating it deeply. The best way to receive the most benefits out of this wonderful ingredient for your skin is by opting for skin and body care products that come infused with it. Our recent launch, Debelle Moisturizing Lotion carries the goodness of cocoa butter and two even more wonderful ingredients – shea butter and jojoba oil. The lotion can be used on face, hands and body. It provides your skin protection against harmful sun rays whilst adding moisture and hydration to it.

Our skin can absorb above 60% of any substance that we topically apply on it. This is the reason why we have eliminated unnecessary harmful ingredients from our products to decrease the chances of toxin overload in the body. All of our products, including the newly launched Debelle Moisturizing Lotion, are formulated without the use of sulfate and parabens.

2. It Is A Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Signs of aging are inevitable, but they can be reduced in a large number with the consumption of antioxidant rich foods and the topical application of antioxidant rich products! Cocoa butter is a copious source of antioxidants that include oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.These fatty acids act as a protective layer on your skin for eliminating free radicals and UV Rays.

Cocoa butter also vanishes the appearance of wrinkles and with its regular use, you can look young for years.

3. It Brings The Skin Back To Life

Cocoa butter is a holy-grail ingredient for anyone who has dry or sensitive skin! It thoroughly nourishes the skin and restores smooth, soft skin texture while healing the dry, inflamed patches. After shea butter, cocoa butter is considered the nature’s richest skin moisturizer.

4. It Heals Shaving Nicks And Cuts

Men and women who shave regularly to get rid of unwanted hair must be well aware of the cons that shaving carries with it, i.e. painful nicks and cuts! There are various ways to tackle such shaving related problems, but cocoa butter will be your best buddy in this case because it will not only heal the nicks and cuts, but it will also ensure that there are no scars left behind of the injury once it is healed.

We hope that we have given you enough reasons to include this skin-loving ingredient in your daily routine! Grab the Debelle Moisturizing Lotion to experience all of these amazing skin benefits of cocoa butter by yourself. Slather your body with the lotion every day, right after you have come out of the shower. It will keep your skin moist and baby soft until the next day!