Nail Polish adds a splash of colour to your hands. It is simply the best way to express your style and give a personal touch to your look!

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer is a gel based, high-pigmentation formula which makes the nails look beautiful and bright. These lacquers are available in the latest trendy colours with both, matte and glossy finishes. DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers have unique feature of long-lasting staying power with a gel based formula. Also, they do not require UV light to dry.  contains Natural Seaweed Extract that helps to promote nail growth and lets your nails breathe, the formula is one of its kind in India. Only two coats of these lacquers are needed to achieve a completely opaque look. Ditch the expensive nail salons because you can get salon like gel manicure finish with the ultra affordable Debelle Gel Nail Lacquers!

Here is what our customers say about our DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers –

“These are definitely one of the best nail paints I have tried in a long time now. The colors are gorgeous and are so apt with the names provided to them.” – Mony, Beauty Blogger. StylePeaks.

“I must say, DeBelle knows how to give effective results while keeping it simple. They don’t give fancy promises and that’s what I love about them. I have tried a lot of shades from Debelle such as French Affair, Mystique Green, Mint Amour, and a lot more and never got disappointed. Each and every shade has its own vibes and I love each and every of them.” – NiharikaVerma, Beauty Blogger. ThePinkVelvetBlog.

“For the first-time I have tried this brand nail colour and truly speaking I am highly satisfied with this. Mine is ‘Majestique Mauve’. Especially this colour is very trendy as well as elegant. You can easily use it on a regular basis because this colour is not on a brighter side . One coat is enough if you use Top coat. Otherwise you can apply two coats for nicer finish. Applicator/Brush is pretty good, it makes your job easy . The best thing is it’s formula which I want to talk about… It’s not too thick, not too liquidy, It’s just perfect. It doesn’t take too much time to get dried. With top or base coat it can easily last for 5-6 days flawlessly. OVERALL, I am highly impressed and my opinion is ‘just go for it’. Definitely my second buy will be Royale Cocktail.” – MD, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer.

All DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers Swatches | Naturally Enriched Nail Lacquers With Seaweed Extracts

 French Affair (Bright Scarlet Red)

French Affair shade of DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer range is a bright scarlet red nail colour. It gives a rich salon shine finish with good staying power and provides an elegant look to the nails. Red nail Polish lovers, this shade is especially for you! Buy it Here.

 Royale’ Cocktail (Turquoise Blue) 

Royale Cocktail is a super pretty sea-greenish, turquoise blue nail polish colour that is completely opaque as well as long lasting. It has a beautiful glossy gel-like finish after drying. Don this shade on your nails that resembles the beautiful colour of the clear sea water! Buy it on Amazon.

 Bebe Kiss (Medium Pink)

You can never go wrong with a little pink! Bebe Kiss is a baby pink nail polish, with a mild fluorescent finish. This pastel nail polish has a shine that stays for really long. This naturally enriched nail polish gives great coverage in a single swipe and high shine without needing a top coat. Get it delivered to your doorstep through Amazon.

 Mystique Green (Pastel Green)

Nature lovers always have a soft corner for the colour green! Mystique Green is a beautiful pastel green nail polish with a smooth, shiny finish. This green shade is ideal to flaunt in summers, however pastel shades never go out of fashion and can be worn through any season. Buy it from Amazon.

 Moulin Rouge (Maroon)

Moulin Rouge is a gorgeous reddish maroon shade. It gives a vintage appeal to the nails. Women of just any age group can flaunt this kind of shade which can never be considered outdated! Available at Amazon

 Miss Bliss (Light Shimmery Pink)

Miss Bliss is a light pink shimmer nail polish. It has a resilient mirror finish. It applies very smoothly and is ideal for subtle looking nails. Rock this shade with your everyday casual looks as well as your glammed up party looks, the choice is yours! Buy it Here.

 Princess Belle (Coral)

The name of this gorgeous coral nail lacquer shade, “Princess Belle“, will make you reminisce your favourite childhood fairy tale! This shade has slight hues of orange in it which makes it more elegant. Available on Amazon.

 Majestic Mauve (Nude Mauve)

A unique, understated, everyday kind of shade – that is how we would describe Majestic Mauve. It will go well with brighter outfits and accessories. Get your hands on it through Amazon.

 Mint Amour (Mint Blue)

Sweet and trendy ~ this adorable mint blue nail colour can be donned to any day time occasion. Grab Mint Amour from Amazon.

 Peachy Passion (Peach)

Having a glass of yummy peach smoothie while relaxing at home and painting your nails with this cute light peach shade – sounds like a great weekend pampering idea, doesn’t it? Peachy Passion is waiting for you on Amazon.

Tahiti Teal (Light Blue-Green)

Neither blue, not green, Tahiti Teal is somewhere in between! A dream vacation to Tahiti island may not be in the cards for you at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot paint your tips with the colour of the ocean that surrounds the beautiful island! Get it from Amazon.

 Sparkling Dust (Metallic Silver With Glitters And Holo)

The perfect blend of metallic, glitters and holo particles – that is Sparkling Dust for you! Its tiny pink and purple holo particles shift colours as light falls over them. This shade demands your attention! Buy it here.

Caramelo Yellow (Bright Yellow)

This fun bright yellow shade can put any dullness away! Unshackle your quirky personality with Caramelo Yellow. Two coats of this beauty and you will be ready to take on the world! Buy it on Amazon with fast delivery.

Natural Blush (Nude Beige)Natural Blush

A nude beige shade that depicts the true elegance of women! It is classy, soft and very appropriate for everyday wear. Office and college going girls should have a subtle shade like this in their nail polish stash! Grab it from Amazon India.

Blueberry Bliss (Purple)

Don’t be afraid when you hear “purple” nail lacquer! It is nowhere close to being garish kind of purple. Blueberry Bliss is a subdued, pastel purple shade which you can rock irrespective of your skin tone or the colour of your outfit! Available on Amazon