DeBelle Fairness Cream 

Purpose: DeBelle Fairness Cream has a unique formula  which enables to attain a fairer complexion and even skin-tone leaving skin soft and supple with the moisturizing effect with UV protection.  Comprising of a blend of cosmetic and natural ingredients such as mulberry, which is rich in anti-oxidants renowned as effective anti-aging agents. DeBelle Fairness cream aids in faster absorption and works better with increased usage. It helps in clearing out dark spots and other blemishes thus rejuvenating the skin.

Skin type: All

Use: Apply evenly on a cleansed face and neck. Use it twice a day for even and fairer skin tone.

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Bring out the Beautiful you with DeBelle!

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Day and Night Cream

Makes skin soft and radiant

Mulberries, rich in antioxidants, acts as effective anti-aging agents.

Helps to reduce dark spots and blemishes on the facial skin.

Suitable for all types of skins.

Acts on signs of skin darkening

Clears and rejuvenates skin

“Beauty is not in face ,Beauty is light in the Heart. “
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“Be your own kind of Beautiful”
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