DeBelle Fairness Talc

With Pearl Dust, Turmeric Oil and Menthol

Purpose: DeBelle Fairness Talc is a specially formulated cooling talcum powder with pearl dust and turmeric oil that helps in relieving excess perspiration and decreases body odor. The sweet fragrance and the novel formula, leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple. DeBelle Fairness talc  also helps to nourish the skin and makes it radiant, healthy and naturally beautiful. It removes excess moisture and sweat from the skin leaving it clean and refreshed gives the magic glow. It also has anti-tanning, anti-pigmentation properties and imparts daylong freshness.

Skin Type: All

Use: Ideal for everyday use.

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Latest Features

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Nourishes the skin and makes it smooth and radiant

Gives you a healthy, clean and refreshed look.

It gently removes excess moisture from the skin and gives a magical glow.

It also has antitanning and antipigmentation properties.

Imparts day long freshness.

Improves Complexion

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