Bring out the Beautiful You!

A Product of AGS INC. Bangalore, India

DeBelle Beauty products, helps create a makeover effect for a more confident look through its intensively researched formula! We create  products, with the basic notion to fulfill daily needs, but with added benefits in the long run. It has thus been uniquely  formulated by an award winning cosmetologist, constituting active ingredients, by amalgamating nature with technology.

DeBelle Natural Beauty products

DeBelle, a product of AGS Inc, aspires to Bring Out The Beautiful You, naturally. In the current era of increased consciousness about looks, it is often important to understand the products used on the skin and hair. We understand this concern and aim to provide products that are safe, efficient and caters to the needs.

We rely on our backbone of comprehensively researched, scientifically proven, result-oriented formulas and a state of the art manufacturing facility.

“Bring Out The Beautiful You “-  DeBelle.

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The World Brands Summit ~ Rising Stars of India Awards 2016 aimed to promote cross-cultural brand credibility, globally involving the brands and leaders from various Asian countries. The project involved recognition of the fastest growing brands and leaders from India and across the ASEAN countries on an international platform. The audience included members  from leading companies of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Myanmar, China and Japan. A total of 60 brands were featured across 15 industry categories and 30 sub-categories. World Brands Summit  ~ Rising Star of Asia Awards 2016 was initiated as a platform to honor the excellence and exemplary achievements of Indians who are true pioneers and leaders in their professional spaces.

The award ceremony was held on Sept’17, 2016 at Bangkok, Thailand  and DeBelle was awarded for the Rising Star of India in the Natural Based Cosmetics Segment.The award was presented by the chief guests, i.e. Mr. Naveen Saxena – Counselor – (Eco & Com and HOC) & Commercial Representative of the Mission, Embassy of India in Thailand and Mr. Harsh Sethi, Honorary Secretary of Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce were the guests of honor at the summit

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